Sweeten Your Life With The Joys Of Cake In A Jar!

The time has come to bring back the soft, gooey goodness of cake in a Jar into your life. Cake Craft UAE is excited to introduce the highest-quality cake jars made from food-grade materials and in a set of a dozen. When you buy these cake jars, you get to enjoy multiple benefits as follows:


Highly Durable

These cake jars are very durable and made of thick plastic, which makes them very resistant to high pressure and high-speed impacts.


Clear Design

They have a clear design so you can easily identify the flavor of your cake and admire the dressing.


Lid For Safekeeping

When you buy these cake jars, they come with a lid for ease of storage so you can ensure your cake can last longer in the jar without going bad.


Food-Grade Material

They are made from food-grade plastic that is lighter than plastic and does not break if dropped.



Aside from making cake, these cake jars can be used for a variety of other things like storing spices, food, confectionary, icing, or anything you can imagine.


Perfect For All Occasions

These cake jars will be your saving grace on all types of occasions, like birthdays, backyard parties, girls’ nights, tea parties, book clubs, and even potlucks.


Where Can You Buy Cake Jars In UAE?

You can easily buy cake jars in UAE at an affordable price from trusted online retailers like Cake Craft UAE. We provide jars made from PET material that is both strong and lightweight. Our cake jars are available in various sizes, including 150 ml, 200 ml, and 250 ml.


Impress Everyone With The Unique Deliciousness Of Cakes In Jars!

Become the life of the party by bringing your unique delicacy and wowing everyone with your mad baking skills. Buy your cake jars from Cake Craft UAE today!