Cacao Ivory Dark Chocolate Compound 1kg

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Cacao Ivory Dark Chocolate Compound 1 kg  have an intense chocolatey note. They have a snap and melting profile similar to chocolate. Perfect for moulding, enrobing, ganache, mousse, or decorating.

Store in a cool, dry, odourless environment, between 15-20C. Avoid temperature fluctuations.

Country of Origin: Singapore

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Ingredients: Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Kernal Oil), Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier: Lecithin (E322) (Soya), Vanilla (Artificial).

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Cacao Ivory Dark Chocolate 1 kg has an intense chocolaty note rounded off with a mellow hint of vanilla. This cooking chocolate of ivory is a great choice for making cookies, fudge cakes, brownies or frostings. Cacao ivory dark chocolate 2 kg  has a snap and a melting profile. Moreover this chocolate compound is perfect for mouldings, enrobing,  ganache or decorations. It is an ideal option for christmas gifts or  small treats.

An other  plus point of this cooking chocolate is that it contains a decent amount of soluble fibre and minerals. Hence making it quite nutritious.  cacao ivory dark chococlate 2 kg  is gluten free . it is suitable for vegans.

cacao ivory dark chocolate 2  kg is a vegetarian product. This cooking chocolate is world wide famous for its taste, texture and a dozen of variety to be used in.

As we all know chocolate is loved by kids . The appropriate amount of cocoa beans is found in Cacao Ivory Dark Chocolate 2 kg compound  making it healthy and a good form of chocolate to be eaten as snack for kids and adults. Hence recommended. Its is easily available in Dubai or UAE ( UNITED ARAB EMIRATES )  hence ideal for any   occasions or gatherings.

The ingredients that make this amazingly healthy cooking chocolate are  sugar , hydrogenated Vgetable fat  (palm kernal oil), cocoa powder , emulsifier: lecithin  (E322) (soya), Vanilla (artificial).

Cacao Ivory Dark Chocolate 2  kg bar is to be stored in a cool, dry, odourless environment. The temperature should be average between 15-20°C.   temperature fluctuations is recommended to avaoid at all cost.

Maximum humidity is  70%

Its shell life is 18 months from date of manufacture when stored in a cool, dry place.  the shell life is Applicable to unopened product only.



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