Colatta White Chocolate Compound 1 kg

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The signature white chocolate compound taste from Colatta Series with intense and lingering chocolate flavor. Famous with its reheat-ability and shiny finish result.

Colatta Compound is a chocolate compound that specially formulated to imitate the characteristics of couverture but without tempering process on its preparation. Colatta Compound is made from specially mixed vegetable fat as a result of elaborate research. To provide the great taste of Colatta Compound series, we use only top quality ingredients with slightly sweet taste to satisfy your passion of chocolate. Colatta Compound is very suitable for:

• Pralines shells, candies and truffles.

• Covering or coating petit fours (fancy cakes).

• Decoration material (Ex. chocolate curls, frosting or chocolate shaving).

• Ganache, mousses, sauces, etc.

• Brownies and many other cake. .

Origin: Indonesia

Weight: 1 KG

Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Fat (Palm Kernel Oil Origin), Cocoa Powder, Soy Lecithin (as emulsifier) and Flavor Vanilla (as flavor enhancer)

Recommended storage temperature – 18 – 25 degree celsius

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