Hexagon Cookie Cutters – Set of 4

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A hexagon cookie cutter is a tool used to create cookies in the shape of a hexagon, which is a six-sided polygon.
Made of plastic, a hexagon cookie cutter works by cutting through rolled out cookie dough with its sharp edges, leaving behind a hexagon-shaped piece of dough that can then be baked into a cookie. Hexagon cookie cutters are commonly used for creating cookies for special occasions or themed events and can also be used for cutting shapes from other soft foods such as fondant or cheese.
They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different cookie-making needs.

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Material: Plastic
Diameter:2.9cm / 1.14, 3.4cm / 1.33, 6.7cm / 2.63, 8cm / 3.14
Cake Tools Type: Moulds
Quantity:4 pcs/set

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