Kagura Matcha Green Tea Powder 70g

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Matcha is traditionally prepared by sifting a small amount of matcha into a small bowl along with a small amount of water and using a matcha whisk to mix into a smooth paste. Naturally and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients, Bring these incredible herbs alive by infusing them in freshly boiled water.
The 5-minute recipe is easy to make, customizable, and super delicious.
The first and most important thing is to start with quality matcha.
Delicious beverage that helps achieve results in aiding digestion and contributing to weight loss, traditional herbs to increase metabolic activity.

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🍵 Unveiling the Pure Essence of Kagura

Investigate the shrouded enigmas of time-honored Japanese traditions from the respite of your sanctuary. Kagura Matcha Powder reflects the immaculate aura of Uji tea sanctuaries, providing a trip unparalleled in depth and truth.

🌿 Organic Goodness in Every Sip

Kagura Matcha Powder emits a verdant, effulgent green glow from every granule. It’s not just a sign of exceptional breeding, but also of the precise agronomy it witnesses. Kagura stands for pure, organic nobility, free of artificial boosters.

✨ Elevate Your Culinary Delights

Kagura Matcha Powder melds with delicacy in a tranquil brew of ancestral Matcha tea or an epicurean grand opus. Allow its strong essences to adorn your confections, elixirs, and brews, transforming every meal into a feast for the senses.

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