Leaf Chocolate Mould

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This is a high quality BRAND NEW plastic chocolate mould, ideal for professional (or budding) chocolatiers.

PC Plastic chocolate moulds are tough, strong and rigid. This makes them ideal for making filled chocolates. Even better – you can stack several one on top of each other in the fridge without causing damage to the chocolates in moulds below.
OVERALL MOULD SIZE : 27.5cm x 13.5cm x 2.5cm

Makes individual chocolates measuring : 47mm x 35mm x 18mm.

Fill the cells with tempered chocolate. Tip out excess chocolate and then remove any excess chocolate from the surface using a bench scraper.

Once the shell has hardened, pipe in soft fillings before capping off with more chocolate to seal each cell.

Once fully hardened, a couple of gentle taps on the work surface are all that is required. Then, simply turn over your mould and tip the finished chocolates out.

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Get The Skills Of A Professional Chocolatier with the Leaf Chocolate Mold in Plastic!

If you are an aspiring pastry chef, this leaf chocolate mold made from plastic, available at Cake Craft UAE, is the perfect tool to add to your baking paraphernalia. These molds are strong and rigid but also flexible enough that you can tap at the back to get your hardened chocolates out.

Key Features

1. Durable

Since this leaf chocolate mold is made from high-quality plastic, it happens to be extremely durable against excessive heat and rigid enough to not break easily.

2. Flexible

This mold is also quite flexible as you can tap at the back of the mold with your hand or a wooden spoon to get your hardened chocolates out easily.

3. Easy To Use

This mold is extremely easy to use, as all you need to do is fill it with tempered chocolate, tip it out, scrape off the excess, wait for the shell to harden, and pour the filling before capping off with more chocolate to seal.

4. Multipurpose

These molds can also be used for crafting to give the shape of a leaf to your clay. Plus, you can also set your jelly in it to give it a leaf shape.

5. Customizable

These molds, when used for chocolate, can be filled with any kind of soft filling, including custard, caramel, nutmeg, different flavors of creams, marshmallows, and marzipan.

6. Size

The overall mold size is around 27.5 cm in length, while the individual chocolates it makes measure around 47 mm in length.

Buy Your Leaf Chocolate Mold in Plastic Today!

These leaf chocolate molds may be your best bet at becoming the best pastry chef. So, stop waiting and buy yours today from Cake Craft UAE!

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