Virtue Dark Chocolate Compound

AED 17.00

Virtue Dark Chocolate Compound have an intense milky and creamy chocolatey note. They have a snap and melting profile similar to chocolate. Perfect for moulding, enrobing, ganache, mousse, or decorating.

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Store in a cool, dry, odourless environment, between 15-20C. Avoid temperature fluctuations.

Suitable for Vegetarians.



Benoit Virtue chocolate compound is easy on the taste buds and the pocket too! It comes packed as a block weighing 500 gm and is ready to eat. You could use it to coat fruits and dry fruits.
Chocolate liquor and cocoa butter are the two main components of dark chocolate. Together, they determine the flavor of a regular chocolate bar.
Benoit’s dark compound chocolate block makes for a top pick when it comes to making chocolate or baking confectionery. It can be used for preparing delectable desserts at home.

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2.5kg, 500g