Cake Craft for Beginners: Where to Start Cake Decorating?


Cake Craft for Beginners: Where to Start Cake Decorating?

Great news for beginners! Have you just started baking? Well, then, you’re at the right place. Cake decorating with cake baking supplies doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you or the eater. If you’re new to decorating cakes, all you need is to practice your skills more and more until you get perfect at it. Every newbie looks for this online—a simple and informative step-by-step cake decorating guide. We will tell you some excellent cake crafting tips, which we have specially curated for newbies. Let’s dive straight into it!

1.    Get The RIGHT Tools:

A baker can’t be decorating a cake with the dentist’s tools. Having the right tools for your cake decoration is the first step toward cake decoration. The right tools mean the ones specially made for cake decoration and crafting. The examples are:

●       Rotating Cake Decorating Stand

A rotating cake stand is what it sounds like: a rotating stand to hold your cake on a steady rotatable plate. It helps you to easily decorate your cake without creating a mess.

●       Offset Spatulas

These are handy spatulas for spreading your buttercream or other frosting. Their shape differs from regular spatulas, giving you more hand control while spreading.

●       Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a grease-proof paper, also known as baking paper. It is widely used for baking and cooking. Its surface is heat-resistant and non-stick, so your cake doesn’t stick on the tray.

●       Silicone Piping Bags

Silicone piping bags are durable and can be used with or without nozzles. Therefore, you can fill in your frosting inside these bags and then pipe it on your cake.

●       Piping Tips

Piping tips or nozzles are used with the piping bags after filling the cream inside the bag. Use your favorite shaped nozzle to decorate your cake even better. Especially for adding details like dots, hearts, stars, or a wavy line.

While you follow easy cake decorating techniques, having good quality cake crafting tools can make a massive difference to your decoration. If you’re a new baking business, you can also get your brand name crafted on your tools.

2.    Focus On Freezing

Don’t miss the freezing part! It’s the most important of cake decorating basics and is going to be your best friend for decorating a cake. Assemble your entire cake, and when it’s ready to be decorated, spread a thin layer of frosting (also known as a crumb coat) all over your cake. Then, freeze your cake for at least 15-20 minutes. The crumb coat will help your cake crumbs to be held well. This will prevent your cake from turning into a mess. Professional cake crafters recommend freezing your cakes to help them keep their shape and not become a pile of crumbs. It allows you to slice your cake into perfect, pretty pieces. 

3.    Try DIY Frosting

The frosting is a topping made from cream, sugar, and butter. So, when we talk about the fundamentals of cake craft for beginners, it’s crucial to discuss how to make frosting. Beat your powdered sugar, vanilla, cream, or milk using an electric hand mixer until it gets fluffy and smooth. Furthermore, you can use artificial food colors to add a touch according to any occasion, whether it’s a color-themed birthday party, a gender reveal party, a marriage reception, or an everyday tea party.

Use a toothpick and dip it in your chosen food color. Now, you can drop the same toothpick in your frosting to paint it. Additionally, you can use the toothpick to draw swirls or other designs on your cake after spreading your cream over the cake. There are different color codes to create specific and unique colors in your frosting. For example, to make a Pink Lemonade colored frosting, you’d use one drop of red food coloring in your white frosting.

4.    Ornamentals & Embellishments

Presentation matters the most when we talk about food, and when it’s a cake, it’s more important than it looks. It’s an aspect you simply can’t overlook because it’s about emotions! The frosting, piping, and icing are some embellishments used to decorate cakes. This won’t be a tedious task because you can readily find cute and pretty ornaments available in your nearby stores or online shops. Use stars, hearts, spheres, numbers, M&Ms, SPRINKLES, or whatever you like! Moreover, you can use these easy cake-decorating techniques as you like or according to the occasion.  

In addition, there are other options as well. You can use dolls or toys, flowers, leaves, edible decoration balls varying in size, and other materials according to your theme.

5.    Keep Practicing!

Practice makes one perfect. While in baking, the approach turns one into a BAKER. Don’t be disheartened if you aren’t GREAT at it at the start. Your skills will improve over time.

NOTE – Once you start following our step-by-step cake decorating tips for baking and decorating delicious and beautiful cakes, you will be the baker of every get-together.

General Cake Decorating Tips:

Tip #1: Making three layers are better than two.

Tip #2: Level your cakes for better-shaped tops.

Tip #3: Choose your frosting flavor wisely & always make extra frosting.

Tip #4: Use a spoon or fork to add a Ganache Drip to your cake top.

Tip #5: Do a crumb coat and freeze your cake after the crumb coat.

Tip #6: Always check if your buttercream is silky smooth and fluffy.

Tip #7: Try to pipe away from the edge of your cake so it doesn’t run into a surface or your hand while decorating.

Tip #8: For applying your buttercream, use a cake acrylic disk for clean-cut edges

Tip #9: Holding your cake scraper at a 45-degree angle can help you get perfectly smoother edges.

Tip #10: Put only a little. Always remember that less is more. People opt for a more straightforward, minimal look for their cakes in the current era.

Tip #11: Have a vision for how you want your cake to look like.

Tip #12: For cake decorating, you need to have a great deal of patience.

To Wrap Up:

These were some of the greatest tips that can make cake crafts for beginners EASY and FUN! If you are also a newbie, you should follow this guide to see a remarkable improvement in your cake-baking skills. While it’s cool to bake a cake every once in a while, there’s nothing better than ordering a magnificent cake for your events. If you’re looking forward to ordering a delicious cake, Cake Craft UAE has got you covered! Explore our website to learn more.

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