Cake Trends of the Year: What’s In and What’s Out?  


Cake Trends of the Year: What’s In and What’s Out?  

Desserts add sweetness to your everyday life. No matter how dry or hard it’s going, a sweet little something always fills our hearts. Talking about desserts, we just can’t forget cake trends! In desserts, the cake always wins and takes the trophy home. It is a language that crosses all ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic barriers.

Baking a cake seems routine, but for passionate bakers, it’s happiness. It’s therapy! Decorating a cake is always a charisma, adding emotions to the cake and the event itself.

Now, why is this cake design trend list worth reading? It’s because, with time, we have to keep moving up with the trends. Let’s look into some cake trends of decorating for the year!

What’s In?

Designing cakes is like an art itself. Modern cake designs are very catchy and trendy and keep updating with time and trends in the cake design area. Let’s discuss what trends are in for the year!

1.     Fake Bakes:

Fake Bake Cakes are cakes that require minimal effort. Without turning on and using the oven, you get a great-looking cake. All you have to do is buy a simple cake from the market, get ready-made frosting, and get some pretty decoratives to make the cake look prettier according to cake trends. You can also experiment with the cake’s look as they’re entirely edible, even if you shape them as a car.

You can use fake bakes at birthday parties, anniversaries, marriage ceremonies, or for gifting someone. Whatever the occasion or theme, you can craft your cake design ideas at your request and choice. For example, for a Barbie fan-based birthday party, you can use Barbie dolls and their gadgets to prepare it accordingly.

2.     Luxury Cupcakes:

Luxury Cupcakes are still in. Although the world is going through an inflationary period, rich people are still going to buy luxury. So, luxury cupcakes are in for trends. These are usually vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry-flavored cupcakes, dedicatedly decorated by love and creativity. Also, they’re sometimes decorated with sprinkles, crunchy nuts, flowers, frostings, fruit toppings, etc.

3.     Oil-Based Cake Sponge Baking:

Rising inflation has made us think twice about using butter for our soft, sponge-baked cakes with baking kit. And we’ve concluded shifting towards oil-based sponge cake baking. Because the oil is cheaper than butter, there’s no need to purchase expensive caster sugar to pair up with butter. Moreover, it offers bifold benefits to people looking for cost-effective cake decorating tips.

4.     Comic Cakes:

Comic cakes are ordinary but decorated in 2D or 3D comic book-style designs. These are also called cartoon cakes. Comic cakes are made using a very soft and limited color palette, usually pastel. In addition, they are outlined in black, thin buttercream-piped lines. The final result makes them look more like a drawing and less than a cake.

5.     Inclusive Cakes:

Inclusive Cakes have taken a step forward in making everyone enjoy the cake irrespective of their dietary restrictions. Since more and more people get nutritional conditions, the need for inclusive cakes is also increasing. These include using gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, non-lactose, and nonallergic ingredients.

6.     Wafer Paper:

A wafer paper can help you create a dramatic addition to your cake. It is usually made from potato or rice and is 100% edible. Furthermore, when wrapped around the cake, it can hold it firmly and steady. You can try creating eye-catching lace effects for your cakes out of wafer paper and create lovely lace flowers, too. In addition, you can create lace effects by cooking wet wafer paper until it bubbles and creates patterns of holes in the paper. It can be a gorgeous addition to any cake design.

7.     Edible Flower Cakes:

Edible flowers are artificial flowers created to be safely edible. They look pretty and you can decorate them on your cake tops, cupcakes, and brownies. Packs of edible flowers are available widely in the market. They are delicate in taste and create an excellent presentation with minimal effort on your cake.

What’s Out?

In addition to what’s in for the cake decorating trends, discussing what’s out is also essential.

1.     Macarons:

Macarons have been quite trendy because of their colors and designs. They are small treats originating from French cuisine, becoming a global trend. But now macarons have grown downer and are struggling to survive in cake trends.

2.     Cupcakes:

After the pandemic, bakeries solely selling cupcakes have stopped baking them or have moved towards other goodies. Simple cupcakes are cheap, but the luxury ones that have ornamentals and other decorations as on for the cupcakes are pretty expensive. Although people opt for them, they are not as popular of a trend anymore as they used to be.

3.     Fresh Flower And Fruit Cakes:

Decorating fresh flowers and fruits on the cakes can be called lazy decorating. It can be pretty expensive as the growing inflation has caused the prices of flowers and fruits to soar. You can find other cost-effective and better decoratives.

4.     Cronuts:

Dominique Ansel’s famous cronuts, which gained popularity in 2013, are no longer trendy as the

bakery has left London. Cronuts are not used now in the cakes as decorations.

To Wrap Up:

Different cake designs can be used to follow trends. The modern cake design is a thrilling combination of originality, artistry, and invention. Customization, innovative flavors, interactivity, artistic works of art, and technological advancements have all contributed to the development of cakes as edible art. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, party, or any other special occasion, these exclusive and visually superb cakes from Cake Craft UAE will make a long-lasting imprint. As the cake industry evolves, seeing what new trends emerge and how bakers remain pushing their craft’s boundaries will be delightful.

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